Annual Report 2016

People at the centre

What does success mean for us? The success of the entrepreneur, the company leader and the employee.

For 111 years, Securex has served people and society.. Recently, both were confronted with a profound change to the so-called VUCA world: legislation became more complex. Previously trusted work methods began to fall apart. Work and private life were intertwined. People and employees were at the centre of the chaos, in very unstable environments. And digitisation set strong challenges for work and company performance.

As such, we firmly say: Let’s make people and organisations successful in business and in life.. 2016 was the debut year for our new strategy, Focus C. It articulates our ambition to place clients in a more central position. The desire to respond to the needs of clients accessibly and efficiently. To help them achieve their goals. It’s only when we succeed in doing this that our mission is a success.

And that was the case in 2016. We achieved all our goals—in some areas, we even exceeded expectations. We aimed for a turnover of 270 million euro and reached 276 million. We predicted a 6-million-euro profit and closed the books on 7,9 million.

In the meantime, 2016 was also a year full of change. for our group. We waved goodbye to our health insurance fund—it fused with Partena Ziekenfonds and PartenaMut. We took a step forward in the reform and regionalisation of Child Benefits. We put new legislation for the External Service for Prevention and Protection in the Workplace into practice. We also realised a stronger European anchoring and much more...

This is just a peek at the dozens of initiatives from which the people around us are benefiting. Together with entrepreneurs, employers and employees, we are building on sustainable work and leadership practices by providing more flexible wages and careers, and better, more personalised guidance for long-term illness or burnout.

There’s still a lot of work to do. So, in 2017 we won’t be resting on our laurels. We will continue to support our own employees to help them give the best of themselves and stay in top physical and mental condition. Only by doing so can we contribute to the success of people, organisation and community. Today, tomorrow and in the future.

Stephan Londoz CEO Securex Group
Rik Van Quickenborne Chairman Securex Group

About Securex

Let’s make organisations and people successful in business and in life!

Work and private lives are flowing into each other more and more. And as a result, the ground under our feet feels less firm than ever before. The world is becoming ‘VUCA’: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Securex has adjusted its strategy to this reality with a mission that speaks volumes: Let’s make organisations and people successful in business and in life! Every service, every solution and every action is driven by this ambition.

In reality, everything changes: social legislation, the financial-economic situation, the sectors and the competition between them, the labour market, the demands of employees and so forth. Incidentally, these are all domains that we take care of. This is why we innovate flexibly, quickly and continuously at Securex. We choose resolutely for the client and want to become better at what we already do well. And part of this is a growth strategy with set priorities and milestones, ecosystems and company values:

C’est pourquoi Securex innove en continu, avec flexibilité et rapidité. Nous optons résolument pour le client et souhaitons encore affûter nos points forts. Dans ce cadre, nous avons élaboré une stratégie de développement assortie de priorités, de pôles de croissance, d’écosystèmes et de valeurs d’entreprise concrets :

  • Customer Orientation – The client is the primary inspiration in everything we do.
  • Strong Together - We work together with colleagues, partners, suppliers and clients to develop services that make a difference.
  • Trust & Responsibility - We take the initiative to provide better services in an environment of trust.
  • Sustainability - Our goal is to do business sustainably, with respect for our clients, employees and environment.

As a result of this, we evolve in areas such as the merger of the Ziekenfonds Securex with Partena Ziekenfonds and Partenamut, and in our efforts for the regionalisation of Child Benefits.

Securex ready for the future of Child Benefits

Securex and Acerta work together in regionalisation.

Since the sixth state reform, child benefits have become a regional responsibility. It has therefore shifted from the federal level to the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels Capital regions. The Child Benefit Funds from Securex and Acerta are joining together in response to this development.

They describe themselves as ‘professional service providers for the payment of child benefits’. An important strategic choice because, very soon, every family will need to choose its own Child Benefits Fund, instead of leaving this decision to their employers. The merger also contributes to cost reductions and improved efficiency. An app for streamlining the communication with families is among realisations planned for 2017.

Joining forces for stronger services

Health insurance funds Securex Ziekenfonds, Partena Ziekenfonds and Partenamut merge

In 2016, the health insurance funds Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen Securex, Partena Ziekenfonds and Partenamut announced their imminent merger—it went into effect on 1 January 2017. In Flanders and Dutch-speaking Brussels, the health insurance funds are continuing under the name Partena Ziekenfonds. In Wallonia and French-speaking Brussels, they will be known as Partenamut.

The merger allows the healthcare insurance funds to respond to changing contexts; the recently announced regionalisation of the healthcare policy was especially decisive. The alliance guarantees a better and more sustainable local service and arms the insurance funds for the future.

  • Stephan Londoz, Chief executive officer
  • Reynald Jacobs, Deputy chief executive officer
  • Agnes Hertogs, Chief operating officer
  • Filip Baptist, Chief operating officer
  • David Ducheyne, Chief people officer
  • Patrice Courtin
  • Rik Van Quickenborne
  • Jean-Pierre Champagne
  • Guy Savoir
  • Francis Ampe
  • Reynald Jacobs
  • Olivier Blanpain
  • Stephan Londoz
  • Pierre Goffin
  • Henri Cnops
  • Secrétariat Social Securex
  • Centre de Calcul Securex
  • Securex Accidents du travail
  • Securex Risques Divers
  • Service Externe de Prévention & de Protection Securex
  • Caisse pour allocations familiales Securex
  • Securex Integrity Caisse d’Assurances Sociales pour Indépendants
  • Groupe Securex
  • Securex Vie
  • Mutualité Securex
  • Service médico-social de la Mutualite Securex
  • Securex Invest
  • Contrôle Médical Securex
  • Guichet d’Entreprises – go-Start
  • Securex Consult
  • Fondation Securex
  • Securex International
  • Securex Medical Services (France)
  • Le Secrétariat Social Securex (France)
  • Securex Luxembourg
  • Securex Pays-Bas
  • Van Quickenborne Rik
  • Courtin Patrice
  • Conseils JP (M. JP Champagne)
  • Ambusco BVBA (M. Francis Ampe)
  • Anthoon Georges
  • Assinco BVBA (M. Serge Demoulin)
  • Baptist Filip
  • Blanpain Olivier
  • Boonen Herman
  • Braive Alain
  • Cammaert Tom
  • Charlier Benoit
  • Cnops Henri
  • Coulonval Daniel
  • Delchambre Fernand
  • Dewanckele Rik
  • Ducheyne David
  • Guillaume Bernard
  • Hayez Yvan
  • Hermant Jean-Pierre
  • Hertogs Agnes
  • Huet Michel
  • Jacobs Reynald
  • Lefebure Bruno
  • Ligny Geneviève
  • Londoz Stephan
  • Marc VH-Consult BVBA (M. Marcus Van Heddeghem)
  • Mattheeuws Christine
  • PG Consult SCRI (M. Pierre Goffin)
  • Reding Remy
  • Savoir Guy
  • Sohet Yves
  • Streel Marianne
  • Transversis (M. Stéphane Kodeck)
  • Van Doorne Steven
  • Wibaut Serge

Starters & self-employed

“Securex likes to keep a finger on the pulse of the entrepreneurial world and strives for close contact with young entrepreneurs.”

Guillaume Desclée Co-founder FriendsFamily

Partners in business

Where would our economy be without entrepreneurs? They make sure that we, as a society, progress and stay competitive as a European region. It’s their refreshing ideas and hard work that makes this possible. Securex also paved the way in 2016 with projects on financing, digitalisation and sustainable success.

To offer both first-time and established entrepreneurs optimal support, we respond to new market evolutions. We make the most of our decades of expertise. Our business coaches keep their fingers on the pulse of the entrepreneurs themselves. By doing so, they detect issues and problems in the early stages. We then work together to transform these challenges into future-oriented solutions.

In 2017, the protection of entrepreneurs and their companies is central to our operations. We are continuing to work on the development of our services for established entrepreneurs.

Financial support for starters

Securex hand in hand with Seeder Fund and proUnity

In October 2016, EEBIC Ventures launched the Seeder Fund: an investment fund for Belgian start-ups, especially those active in digital innovation. Securex stepped on board as a shareholding organisation. And contributed 12 million euro to the budget. This is being shared across 15 promising start-ups every year, in the form of a loan or as an injection of capital.

The digital freelance platform proUnity is one of the projects that has already received financing. Securex, with its focus on human capital, immediately felt a click with proUnity. We granted a loan of 150,000 euro and welcomed the team into our Hive5 co-working offices. This way, our network of experts is always within reach for proUnity.

Workplace? Check!

Activity is king in the Hive5 co-working location

Starters and start-ups spend plenty of time on their search for resources. And one of these is a suitable workplace. Securex has therefore freed 1200m² of office space at its headquarters in Etterbeek. The co-working location has been christened ‘Hive5’, a name that underlines the activity and the community feel of the entrepreneurs. Since June 2016, the landscape office with private spaces and relaxation rooms has stimulated confidence, connection and creativity in the professionals. The start-ups FriendsFamily, Skwarel, Smaoll, proUnity and DiversiCom have already established themselves there.

Becoming independent and worry-free

Complete starter support under one roof

Running from office to office, location to location as you attempt to launch your own business? It’s at odds to the current trend of digitalisation. At Securex, we help starters with every step from one single platform—beginning with that idea that won’t go away, right through to VAT number and registration. The platform went live in May 2016 as Available in English, Dutch and French, the site offers entrepreneurs a personal action plan, tips from business coaches and fast online registration as a self-employed.

GPS for businesses

Free personalised advice for entrepreneurs in all stages

No matter which stage they might find themselves in, entrepreneurs always want to move forward. And that’s why Securex has put its shoulders under Boost2Success—a project from the entrepreneurial organisation NSZ, in service of the Flemish government. Atradius, BNP Paribas Fortis, KVABB and Multiple Choice (an advice agency) are also involved. Starters, established self-employed and entrepreneurs rely on Boost2Success for an ‘online quick scan’. This results in a clear and objective analysis report that the entrepreneur can discuss with an expert at a later date. Securex offers knowledge and advice to the project.

Building on the ‘partner’ status

Securex grows as a reference for entrepreneurial advice

An open collaboration is more important than ever. This is why we sit at the table with our external partners such as BNP Paribas Fortis. In 2016, we closed a Convention for Collaboration for Starters. BNP Paribas Fortis directs anyone who opens a professional account at the bank, but is not yet enrolled at the Central Database for Enterprises, to our offices. And we do the same in return.

To offer starters optimal help in their own regions, we also work in collaboration with bookkeeping agencies KMO Team Consult and Moore Stephens. In 2016, both were recognised representatives of Securex.

We also wish to pay attention to our recent partnerships with these organisations, present on both sides of the language border:

The Birdhouse ARTEpreneur Entrepreneur Weekend F.a.r.
An accelerator that allows entrepreneurs to collaborate with the right people to realise their ambitions.
Securex is one of three major partners in the programme.

Discover The Birdhouse
Based in Ghent, this student cooperative helps people aged between 18 and 25 to realise their dreams of entrepreneurship. Thanks to ARTEpreneur, they are already making an impact even during their studies.
Securex supports the young ARTEpreneurs with expert answers on legislation, statuses, recruitment and more...

Discover ARTEpreneur
Professional weekend events where (pre)starters work on their projects, surrounded by business coaches and experienced colleagues from their sectors.
Securex puts its co-working location Hive5 at their disposal.

Discover Entrepreneurs Weekend
Short for Femmes actives en réseau–which translates to ‘network of active women’ in English. F.a.r. is focused on networking dinners, breakfasts and meetings specifically for entrepreneurial women. The activities help them to enrich both their professional and private lives.
Securex is a partner of the Business Women Trophy that puts female entrepreneurs in the spotlight.

Discover F.a.r.

Hive5: a special place full of creativity

Doing business in a pleasant, positive atmosphere

A private platform, FriendsFamily simplifies financial transactions between friends or family members. The energetic and fresh, new organisation gives loans and gifts structure and perpetuates them with clear contracts. How does Securex support these kinds of initiatives? How does the social service supplier promote entrepreneurship? And which resources are on hand for young start-ups?

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Hive5 : un lieu de création exceptionnel

Doing business in a pleasant, positive atmosphere

A private platform, FriendsFamily simplifies financial transactions between friends or family members. The energetic and fresh, new organisation gives loans and gifts structure and perpetuates them with clear contracts. How does Securex support these kinds of initiatives? How does the social service supplier promote entrepreneurship? And which resources are on hand for young start-ups?

FriendsFamily, an initiative from the limited company Gui&CO, was launched in September 2016. Co-founder Guillaume Desclée explains how Securex became involved: ‘Securex likes to keep a finger on the pulse of the entrepreneurial world and strives for close contact with your entrepreneurs. The organisation perfectly understands where our needs lie and which obstacles we need to overcome. They also provided us with an exceptional place in which to work, give our creativity free reign and exchange our ideas: Hive5.’

Everything for well-aimed entrepreneurship

Guillaume waxes lyrical about the co-working location: ‘Hive5 is a pleasant and positive place. It keeps our entrepreneurial spirit sharp.’

‘The modern space is bathed in light and has an excellent WiFi connection,’ Guillaume immediately adds. ‘In Hive5, we find all the ingredients for doing business in optimal conditions. We really don’t need to be worried about anything. Instead, all our attention goes to our project.’

Blow off a little steam

Hive5 also offers the people working there plenty of relaxation possibilities, ensuring their well-being is optimised. ‘During yoga sessions and ‘morning boosts’, we all relax. We use these moments to exchange thoughts with the other tenants; it’s very enriching. And the communal space has a table tennis table, bar and plant wall. In short, everything that your team is looking for in a harmonious environment is there at Hive5.’ As such, the co-working space stimulates creativity and motivation.

Securex? Partner by extension!

The collaboration between FriendsFamily and Hive5 manager Gaël Van Gijsegem runs smoothly: ‘For us, Gaël is the face of Securex. We feel a genuine click with him.’ The step to other Securex services was also made quickly: ‘We enrolled with the Payroll Provider. That was a given, especially when you think that that service is just up one storey in the building. How do we recruit the best workforce? What regulations are part of the professional immersion agreement? Securex is our guide through all these questions. A luxury for a young start-up like FriendsFamily.’

Small & medium-sized enterprises

“What, in particular, will I remember from my collaboration with Securex? Pleasant, high-quality contact with everyone there.”

Raphael Favelier Former manager Koezio

Alongside the small and medium-sized enterprises

Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. This is the VUCA world in which small and medium-sized enterprises thrive day after day. The social and fiscal legislation for SMEs is becoming increasingly difficult. HR issues are no longer supported by one-sided solutions. And the wave of digitalisation is making old work habits shake. Securex therefore targeted guided SMEs in 2016, and has concrete spearheads ready for 2017.

Securex ensures that employees have the time to focus on their core activities, on the growth of their business and on the development of their employees. In our one-stop-shop for HR matters, they find everything they need.

Furthermore, we respond to clear challenges every year. In 2016, we created a more efficient contract process and a stimulus programme for small and fledgling employers. 2017 will be the year of new partnerships and innovations, of customer connection and specific solutions for retail, construction and horeca.

Contracts will be digital from now on

C2C streamlines the contract process for starting employers

Every year, the entities of the Securex Group send out more than 20,000 contracts to employers, expecting them to be returned signed. Many of these employers want to subscribe to our services because they experience this administration as a chore, especially those who are new to employing others. Because, until recently, the process ran completely manually. And this resulted in illegible or incomplete details, lost documents and frustrations for the client.

Since October 2016, Securex has been introducing the digitalisation project C2C (Contact to Contract) to all its local sales teams. This streamlines the contract process and integrates it into the CRM software, Salesforce. As a result, it’s becoming possible to sign and send digital contracts. And that means a lot less administrative obstacles on the road to success.

Recruiting without worries

Employment explained for new employers

At the beginning of 2016, Securex launched the mini-website and the wage cost simulator In doing so, we became the first social services group to respond to employment requirements set by the Federal Government in November 2015.

We promoted the expanded online tools with potential employers (self-employed independent freelancers) and small employers. For this group, the tax shift offers plenty of opportunities for realising growth ambitions. The communication plan included national and regional actions: radio campaigns, relationship marketing to company leaders and independent freelancers, adjusted web content for specific target groups, etc.

We also linked a survey to the theme. The results landed in more than 30 media publications and on the desk of Willy Borsus, the federal minister representing mid-sized businesses, self-employed and SMEs in Belgium.

A step ahead of absences

Social secretariat and medical check-ups help to detect absenteeism

Our experts and a number of recent legislative proposals agree: we need to anticipate long-term absences. To an increasingly large extent, the responsibility for this is being placed on employers.

Securex is now helping them to proactively recognise signals of absenteeism. We are applying intelligent logarithms to monthly wage data and quickly detecting short absences and the beginnings of long-term absences. We are making it easy for employers to request medical check-ups online using buttons on the web forms. In time, both employee and organisation will benefit from these forward-looking measures.

A clear view of income

Securex is launching a wage optimisation tool for company heads

Self-employed people and the managers of small and medium-sized enterprises are looking at complex (para)fiscal legislation and rigid wage checks. This is why we are developing an optimisation tool. The tool stands out for its user-friendliness and its integration of our insurances, including the FCPSE (Free Complementary Pension for Self-Employed), pension saving and guaranteed income insurances.

Peace of mind for small enterprises

Legal assistance insurance in collaboration with ARAG covers high, unexpected costs

Securex is expanding its range for employers and self-employed in October 2016 with legal assistance insurance for fiscal checks—and for the potential court cases that follow. To do this, we collaborated with leading insurer ARAG. The policy covers the unexpected high-running costs of experts, such as bookkeepers or fiscal advisors. With this insurance policy, self-employed people, independent freelancers and small enterprises will be able to breathe more easily during checks on company taxes and on indirect taxes.

HR for SMEs: a one-stop-shop

Small and mid-sized businesses will find all HR services under one roof at Securex:

  • Wage and staff management – time efficiency, simplified administration and user-friendly tools for automated HR processes.
  • Prevention and Protection – full support for an ideal workplace and sustainable well-being.
  • HR training – training courses that cover a diverse range of HR topics.
  • Insurance policies – a wide range of workplace accident insurance policies and other products for the optimal protection of company and employer.
  • Absenteeism – targeted solutions for short- and long-term absences.
  • Child benefit fund – all administration regarding the child benefits of employees.

Focus on clients and valuable partners

Challenges for 2017 in the spotlight

Retail, horeca and construction Partnerships Customer connection
Development of solution-oriented services specific for the retail, horeca and construction sectors. Business Development and integration of partnerships to optimise our business methods. Innovation Development of partnerships with external specialists to support strategic innovation. Performance of diverse measures to optimise client experience and to expand our own client portfolio.

Foreign SME in Belgium? A challenge ... with a solution!

Indoor adventure park, Koezio, offers organisations a strong programme of teambuilding exercises and seminars. The company was founded in Lille, France, but also set foot at the end of 2016 in the European capital. ‘Securex appeared to be the right companion for the journey,’ explains manager Raphaël Favelier.

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Foreign SME in Belgium? A challenge ... with a solution!

Indoor adventure park, Koezio, offers organisations a strong programme of teambuilding exercises and seminars. The company was founded in Lille, France, but also set foot at the end of 2016 in the European capital. ‘Securex appeared to be the right companion for the journey,’ explains manager Raphaël Favelier.

Picture it: for just one day, you’re a secret agent. Together with your elite team, you must traverse a labyrinth, push your limits 12 metres above the ground, and solve puzzles … This is what awaits businesses at Koezio. Awesome teambuilding exercises, with the possibility of hiring seminar rooms.

Raphaël Favelier, manager of the branch in Brussels, proudly explains what inspired founder Bertrand Delgrange: ‘Bertrand wants to bring across stronger values such as connection and mutual help. Exchanging experiences is the order of the day for Koezio.’ And for this mission, the entrepreneur found the ideal sounding board in Securex.

Complete service for HR and legislation

The Belgian branch of Koezio is staffed by 15 to 20 full-time employees. They regularly rely on back-up from another 15 student employees. This means there are plenty of employment contracts demanding strict follow-up.

Raphaël: ‘From the moment we started in Brussels, we relied on Securex services. The organisation offers enormous help for all aspects of HR—I’m thinking about HRonline here—and for the management of contracts and hours worked. Employment guidelines, the drafting of contracts, holiday pay, dismissals and more … Securex answers all my administrative and legal questions.’ For Raphaël, it is even more important because Belgian and French legislation lie worlds apart from each other.

Overcoming every obstacle together

Koezio is very happy to talk about the fast response from Securex: ‘Within two days, I had answers to my questions. Plus, I could reach people at literally any moment with HRonline. It was great for squashing any doubts I might have had. Yesterday, they referred me to a colleague who told me everything I needed to know about medical examinations.’

A hearty team player

Raphaël is soon to close the door on the Brussels branch, but will sleep peacefully: ‘My successor is in good hands with Securex and will be thoroughly trained on using HRonline. What, in particular, will I remember from my collaboration with Securex? Pleasant, high-quality contact with everyone there.’ And this is not to be overlooked, especially considering the significant complexity of the HR material.

Large companies

“Securex guided Bostoen with the utmost professionalism. They had the legal grounding required for introducing flexible remuneration.”

Johan De Vlieger Legal Director & Projects Bostoen

Large companies pull the ‘people’ card

In 2016, large companies found themselves in the middle of a fiercely changing reality. The most notable trends: transparent revival of the economy, additional attention for employees and new forms of employment and work flexibility. Companies relied on Securex for strong support with core challenges such as absenteeism and sustainable employability.

You can feel the economic optimism slowly gaining ground on the labour market. Many of our clients recruited new workforces. It’s important to remember that employees need more (positive) guidance with illness and burnout, with psychosocial problems and career doubts, with a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance, and in plenty of other areas …

Therefore, we resolutely choose a ‘people’ approach, in which we support the individual—not just as an employee, but also in their life outside the company walls.

Flexibility is a key term here, and not just for the employee—think about remuneration and working hours. Companies need to be more agile to survive in this day and age and reap the benefits. In peak periods, a great many companies supplement their permanent staff with freelancers. And many people work with more than one employer.

Digitalisation makes it feasible to remove work from a time and place. Companies and their HR departments are therefore forced to question their organisations. And to embrace new work forms and statuses.

All absenteeism figures on a single line

Securex harmonises calculations of absence percentages

There are different ways of calculating and making absenteeism figures known. The client relies on data that is clear, easy to use and easy to compare. This is why we worked towards the same goal in 2016: we streamlined our reporting on all business units and implemented the calculation formula described in the ‘Absenteeism’ white paper.

The result? Companies work with transparent reports and benchmark their absenteeism figures more quickly. The harmonisation also guarantees a solid interpretation of the statistics. Because after the figures come the measures. And that’s when the Securex expertise is called upon.

All keepers for one goal

Securex business units strengthen retention management

In 2016, Securex introduced a better conceived client retention policy for which the various Securex business units (BUs) joined hands and worked together. The client retention was no longer organised per BU as it had been previously, but around all the BUs. That means that clients now communicate with just one Securex contact person who works proactively, responds to all client challenges and proposes complete solutions.

This new approach leads to better client satisfaction and retention, and multiplies the contact between client and Securex. Furthermore, in this manner, we streamline the collaboration across the BUs and accomplish more with the same people.

One offer based around sustainable employability

Talent & Career and Health & Safety develop an integrated approach

Our ambitions in relation to sustainable employability can’t be captured in just one domain. They rely on the physical and mental well-being of employees, on motivation and job satisfaction. This is why in 2016, Securex committed to combining the parallel initiatives Talent & Career and Health & Safety in one single, integrated approach. This approach optimally supports employee, manager and organisation on legal, operational and strategic levels. In short: Securex made its offer clearer and its focus on sustainable employability … more sustainable.

More choice in the cafeteria

Securex optimises flexible remuneration system

The market demand for cafeteria plans— and in general contracts for flexible working conditions—continues to grow. There is plenty of curiosity about the individualised supplement to remuneration packages. Think about the individual benefits for any single employee: from insurances to mobility options. Furthermore, the pay package is also fine-tuned to the choices of the employee; set benefits have repercussions on remuneration and taxes.

At Securex, representatives from various departments have put their heads together. During 2016, we launched our mini-website on cafeteria plans. We developed a prototype of a management tool. We collected a strong and spacious range of flexible benefits. And with this in place, we head into 2017. To be continued ...

Convinced by human capital

From talent to remuneration

Securex is becoming even stronger in its role as an interdisciplinary HR partner for larger companies. Companies rely on having one single service provider for payroll, well-being in the workplace, legal advice and more. At Securex, they find three major groups of services:

  1. Payroll & Salary – Everything to do with personnel and wage management.
  2. Talent & Career – Support from recruitment to the end of a career.
  3. Health & Safety – A targeted range focusing on safety, health and employee attendance and presence.

Our experts understand large companies. They know the challenges and developments on the labour market. And they are convinced of the value of human capital. Working together with these companies, our experts optimise the way in which they attract talent and help them to recognise uncultivated talent.

Focus on strategy, communication and partnerships

What will 2017 bring to Corporate Markets?

In 2017, we are focusing on client strategy and client communication, as well as on strengthening our range through collaborations with external partners. In doing so, we will continue to adapt our services to the fast-changing needs of large companies.

Client strategy
Logical product combinations In 2017, we are strengthening the services of a specific business unit with services from other BUs. This will deliver more targeted solutions for ever more complex challenges. For example: a new connection with the Payroll Processor goes together with a screening of absenteeism at the client’s business. Sector-specific solutions Every sector has its own challenges and legal demands. As a result, the demand for sector-specific solutions is also increasing. In 2017, among other projects, Securex is establishing an offer for service cheque companies, nursing homes and hospitals.
Client communication External partnerships
Strategy recreated from the perspective of the client Securex does not want to bother its clients with mail-outs and letters. This is why in 2017, our communication will be less frequent, albeit more targeted, more complete and better summarised. We will also ensure that all Securex communication follows the same uniform style, in language and in appearance. Building bridges with fast developments Securex continuously fine-tunes its range for large companies to their changing needs. On our own initiative, or with the help of an expert external partner, such as one from the technology sector for example. We look out for possible collaborations to enrich our range.

Sustainable through to the rewards

This is how Bostoen launched flexible remuneration for its employees

Over a period of 40 years, construction company Bostoen grew from a family business into a company of over 250 employees. A development that demanded a strong remuneration policy. In 2015, Bostoen added extra transparency into its basic gross salaries, before implementing, in 2016, Flex-Budget—its version of a cafeteria plan. The keys to its success? Close involvement with employees and the expertise of Securex.

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Sustainable through to the rewards

This is how Bostoen launched flexible remuneration for its employees

Over a period of 40 years, construction company Bostoen grew from a family business into a company of over 250 employees. A development that demanded a strong remuneration policy. In 2015, Bostoen added extra transparency into its basic gross salaries, before implementing, in 2016, Flex-Budget—its version of a cafeteria plan. The keys to its success? Close involvement with employees and the expertise of Securex.

Thinking ahead is present throughout the history of Bostoen. Today, the company is steeped in sustainability. And this does not just limit itself to the construction of passive homes, but also expresses itself in the ecological view taken towards company cars and a progressive HR policy.

To optimise this last factor, manager Johan De Vlieger called on Securex—his trusted payroll processor—for assistance. ‘We have always paid our workforce correctly. But on a rather random basis. That brought certain inequalities and tensions with it. Furthermore, there were opportunities to optimise our wage costs and a more flexible pay scheme would strengthen our employer branding. This is why we gently rejuvenated and improved our policy.’

Every wage is clearly justified

In the first phase, Bostoen established five wage brackets on the basis of objective functional descriptions and benchmarks—together with the Hudson HR consultancy agency. ‘As a result, we could clearly justify everyone’s wage,’ explains Johan. ‘Securex helped us with the second phase: the one with flexible benefits for white collar employees. And it was soon clear that we had the right partner on board.’

Employees closely involved

The cafeteria plan at Bostoen was christened Flex-Budget. Johan explains: ‘With their Flex-Budget, employees choose one of the “products” from our basket: a company car, extra child benefits, warrants or extra paid holidays. In other words, it’s not cash. How were we to determine who received which budget? We did it on the basis of the specific wage bracket and the responsibilities of the individual employee.’

Each employee is closely involved with the entire process. ‘Securex worked with us to draft a staff survey. The core question: in your eyes, what do we need to include in the Flex-Budget? The most common and fiscally attractive answers created the range for 2017.’

A lot of employees experience such a change in their wage packs as radical. This is why Bostoen let experts from Securex, the bank and the leasing agency inform employees during workshops. ‘That made the introduction of our Flex-Budget run very smoothly,’ explained Johan. Will the implementation of the individual wage packs result in a mountain of paperwork? Johan: ‘Not in any single case; every employee received an email with their personal options. Afterwards, Securex efficiently processed the choices.’

Added value that’s not to be underestimated

‘Our employees reacted favourably. And we have already noticed that our star as an attractive employer is rising,’ reflected Johan. ‘Without Securex, it wouldn’t have worked,’ he quickly adds. ‘Securex guided us with the utmost professionalism. Their experts had the legal grounding required for introducing flexible remuneration. And they showed keen insight into the psychological impact of change. Added value that one should not underestimate.’


“Thanks to Securex, our international payroll runs like clockwork.”

Dominique Rei Rodriguez HR Manager Europe Nomacorc

Bloom, blossom and grow across the borders

An ever-increasing number of countries are planting their flags outside the Belgian borders. As a result, the demand for international HR services has increased, especially for payroll and personnel administration services. A notably large number of SMEs are looking for tailored solutions to coordinate their international activities. Securex therefore expanded its international range further in 2016.

At Securex, we hear the aspirations of internationally-oriented companies— whether they are small, medium-sized or large. And we are aware that some SMEs recede due to the expensive management tools needed to coordinate their international administration. Other companies wrestle with local social legislation, or are missing a global view of their international personnel files. On all these levels, we improved our own services to create an even stronger, more integrated multi-country HR management.

Securex has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In fact, we are now present in at least 20 European countries. From Portugal to Bulgaria and Finland to Italy. In all these countries, we deliver flawless HR services in collaboration with carefully selected partners—amounting to more than 400,000 payslips every month!

Big steps with our northern neighbours

Takeover of Van Deelen strengthens the market position of Securex Netherlands

For Securex Netherlands, 2016 was dominated by the takeover of Van Deelen Salarisadministraties en Personeelsadviezen B.V. As a result, we quickly evolved to become a highly stable player in the Dutch market. Our primary goal of the past year? To seamlessly integrate both companies and create optimal synergy.

The figures speak volumes: we realised 15% growth in our turnover and saw our Dutch client portfolio increase by 10%. These results testify to a flawless takeover, for both colleagues and clients. In 2017, we are aiming at similar growth. Securex is convinced that within a year, we will be speaking of beautiful successes.

Securex Luxembourg experiences a transitional year

First stone for a comeback in 2017 is already laid

A transitionary year. That’s what 2016 was for Securex Luxembourg. We saw our turnover drop slightly, but we still broke even. In 2017, we are concentrating on coming back. And we are taking all the important steps required for 10% growth. Since January 2017, we have been welcoming new clients for payroll administration.

Besides this, we have optimised our range and our whole organisation. There are several exciting collaborations in the pipeline. Also on the programme: completing our client reports and further sharpening HRonline. Despite this economic dip—common enough in these changing times—Securex is refusing to give up. That much is certain.

Securex France breaks records

Growth and range expansion dominate activities in 2017

In 2016, the management of the French Securex Medical Services changed. And that is just one of the events from a year full of development. All our Health & Safety solutions set new records, in terms of turnover as well as in volume of new activities. We put our efforts into the further reworking of our payroll services and are seeing our external growth become increasingly stable.

We expect that our growth over recent years will continue. We are doing more than just developing innovative solutions to ensure this. We are also expanding our range for pay management, for prevention and protection, and for the management of absenteeism. With a better commercial representative on the national scale, we will expand our market share in France.

Operating on the African continent continues to be an exhilarating experience

Beautiful perspectives despite unstable politico-economic climate

In 2016, from its base of operations in Kinshasa, Securex set forth to develop its presence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We saw more and more clients sign up for our services based around Talent & Performance Management, coaching and training—Congolese companies aiming for long-term collaborations in particular. We noticed this because they increasingly called for supplementary Securex services. The trust in our organisation is visibly growing.

Unfortunately, the unstable political and economic climate held back the local growth to some extent. Many local and international companies were forced to put their HR projects on hold. This had an impact on our turnover figures.

In 2017, we are taking a local consultant on board. We are also investing in better services, client recruitment and a well-organised, expanded series of training courses. It’s also possible that our site in the Democratic Republic will not be our only one on African soil. In 2017, we are investigating other possibilities and opportunities on the continent.

Successful international HR management

Securex helps European businesses with its strong expertise network

To help companies with their challenges outside Belgium, Securex is granting them access to an integrated international HR and payroll platform. This puts them in contact—should they wish it—with the local experts via a case manager. Therefore, we are investing in a close and professional international network. In 2016, we entered into a partnership with the Polish HR and payroll service provider, Vistra Services. In doing so, we strengthened our expertise and presence in East Europe.

Securex’s international services include:

  • global HR management , that’s as uniform as possible for all markets in which the business is active, with simplified collection of data from all company branches;
  • flexible tuning of services to local requirements and general company goals;
  • help and expertise for the start-up and growth of a foreign activity, local HR policy, international mobility, tax and wage optimisation, cross-border employment, and more ...

In this manner, we propel companies on foreign soil to the right strategic decisions. They no longer collide with administrative obstacles. Instead, the path to success and growth lies open before them.


SME fulfils international ambition

Nomacorc extends around the world, with help from Securex

Wines with a Nomacorc cork are always among the tastiest. The international company was set up in the United States by a Belgian immigrant. Specialisation? Cork closures for wines and sparkling wines—now available worldwide! Since January 2015, Nomacorc has been a part of the Vinventions group. And in various countries, it is a market leader in synthetic wine corks. A feat to which we at Securex also raise our glasses.

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SME fulfils international ambition

Nomacorc extends around the world, with help from Securex

Wines with a Nomacorc cork are always among the tastiest. The international company was set up in the United States by a Belgian immigrant. Specialisation? Cork closures for wines and sparkling wines—now available worldwide! Since January 2015, Nomacorc has been a part of the Vinventions group. And in various countries, it is a market leader in synthetic wine corks. A feat to which we at Securex also raise our glasses.

Every year, Nomacorc produces more than two billion wine stoppers in state-of-the-art factories in the United States, Belgium, China and Argentina. The company grew exponentially in a very short time. How did they succeed in this international expansion without losing direction?

A pertinent question because, all too often, we think that only huge multinationals can find success across international borders. In reality, there are more SMEs spreading their wings and flying into foreign markets. Just like Nomacorc, they rely on advice and guidance from Securex.

Challenge in format

The Belgian branch of Nomacorc is staffed by approximately 200 employees. And another 30 people work on the European level. Dominique Rei Rodrigues, HR Manager Europe at Nomacorc, explains: ‘The enormous expansion in recent years encouraged us to adopt a sustainable recruitment policy. Securex was of unestimable value in this. The organisation stood by us throughout the entire recruitment process, especially in areas such as wage simulation and analyses of salary splits.’

On any international adventure, an SME encounters several obstacles: ‘A few years ago, one of our employees was required to pay taxes in two countries at once. As a result, we needed to meet the requirements of the laws in both countries and pay two wages. Pure Kafka! Luckily, the case manager at Securex helped us out of difficulty with expertise, a fast response and by showing tremendous proactivity. We valued this help enormously. In the end, we found our way through the jungle of rules.’

Every country has its own legislation

It is difficult to adapt to the specific legislation of an unfamiliar country. Securex provides the necessary expertise and experience. The organisation guides its clients through all the details: ‘A change in legislation? Or a gap in the regulations? Securex pointed these out to us so that we always complied to the local requirements.’

Facilitating role

Securex plays a facilitating role for Nomacorc. Dominique: ‘Thanks to Securex, our international payroll runs like clockwork. We have trusted all our foreign wage management to Securex International. And now all our energy is plugged into our cork business.’ (Laughing)


“Nothing is too ambitious if you grant your people trust, autonomy and flexibility.”

Julie Voet Project manager Securex

Our people make the sustainable difference

Securex is able to progress as an organisation thanks to the talents, ideas and efforts of people. And these people are confronted with the challenges of a fast-changing community. Sustainability and meaningful work is our answer. Because, more than ever before, people make the difference.

A sustainable company policy serves two purposes: it guarantees continuity in a turbulent world and it anticipates change. These efforts also present themselves outside the domain of HR: performance and growth, change and service continue giving to the client, learning and excelling, etc.

At Securex, we are committed to the fact that motivated people are what make a company successful. This is why we strive to better arm our employees with skills that benefit them at work and in everyday life.

We are building on work experiences that will be meaningful for our people, for the organisation and for the community—both now and in the future. Work that sustainably leads to added value. The HR policy at Securex invests in the balance between productivity and personal growth. In doing so, we transform that area of tension into an opportunity for creating value and sustainability. And this is where our values guide us.

Change with guarantees

Health insurance funds underline Securex’s sustainable people approach

In December 2015, Securex decided to merge its health insurance fund with Partena Ziekenfonds and Partenamut. The largest concern was in ensuring a future-oriented merger, looking out for both our staff and our clients. We therefore insisted on a very strict condition: that the employment and employability of our people would be insured. A condition that was followed to the letter.

Because a fusion can be a profound experience, Securex and Partena invested a great deal in communication and training. And that bore fruit: on 1 January 2017, our health insurance fund employees began work at Partena.

Sustainable employability

Securex HR policy supports people in every phase of their careers

As people and employees, you want to move forward. This is why Securex enters into dialogue with its staff. We regularly gauge the perceptions of our employees and adjust our well-being policy and HR strategy accordingly. We have evolved from performance management to purpose management. And we coach our leaders and managers to efficiently steer this approach. Just as they did across Belgium, our absenteeism figures have risen. We ended with 4.11%. At 2.5%, staff turnover remains under control at Securex. In the meantime, between 5% and 10% of our staff change their job within our organisation every year. This change keeps them sustainably employed.

Besides this, employees from all generations are receiving further training. Anyone who wants to can now continue working after the age of 65. And through apprenticeships and DiversiCom we are actively trying to attract more unique talent. In doing so, we contribute to a more sustainable labour market.


"Nothing is too ambitious if you grant your people trust, autonomy and flexibility."

The story of the Securex consultants who put HRonline on the map

Securex gives employee data a safe home in the cloud—via HRonline. At this moment, the roll-out is still in the pilot phase. A number of dedicated teams are leading everything in the right direction. Among them are the Regional Consultants. ‘For this function, we sought out people with growth potential who could cope with a steep learning curve,’ explains Julie Voet from Securex, ‘with success. Our team proves that you’ll go a long way with trust, autonomy and flexibility.’

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"Nothing is too ambitious if you grant your people trust, autonomy and flexibility."

The story of the Securex consultants who put HRonline on the map

Securex gives employee data a safe home in the cloud—via HRonline. At this moment, the roll-out is still in the pilot phase. A number of dedicated teams are leading everything in the right direction. Among them are the Regional Consultants. ‘For this function, we sought out people with growth potential who could cope with a steep learning curve,’ explains Julie Voet from Securex, ‘with success. Our team proves that you’ll go a long way with trust, autonomy and flexibility.’

HRonline is a user-friendly, comprehensive web application for personnel management. Introducing the tool demands guidance, both for the clients and for internal employees.

To help clients make a smooth transition, Change Agent, Julie Voet, brought her team with her: ‘Our clients work with paper administration or with a different tool. We help them make the switch to HRonline. It works well because of the support of our Securex teams, including the specially recruited Regional Consultants.’

Hungry for a challenge

The Regional Consultants needed to absorb a great deal of knowledge in a very short time: ‘We searched inside and outside the organisation for people with a strong ability to assimilate. People who were hungry to learn and who were looking for challenges. The assignment was originally supposed to be temporary and we communicated this immediately and clearly to ensure complete transparency. As soon as the migration is complete, team members within the organisation will be able to sink their teeth into a new challenge.’

It’s worth noting that every one of the nine Regional Consultants is still in the saddle today—despite the high demands of the job. Why? ‘Trust, autonomy and flexibility,’ answers Julie without thinking for even a second. ‘I swear by management by objectives—where we set the deadlines for concrete goals together.’

Growth opportunities

The people from the operational HRonline team are, by nature, looking for a challenge, know different approaches and are not afraid to ask questions: ‘Essential, because the consultants are thrown to the lions. From Day 1, they perform payroll and other tasks in one of our regional offices. And they support our Client Advisors in quieter times. They also follow specific training courses focused on HRonline and even run through the entire Client Advisor programme. This gives them a strong introduction to the pay calculations. Experienced colleagues help the consultants with all their questions about payroll and HRonline.’

The Regional Consultants don’t have any problems with hard work. It’s meaningful and they find satisfaction and growth opportunities in it. The result is a pure, unadulterated people-oriented approach.

Well-being and personal development

‘Just like other Securex teams, we greatly value work-life balance,’ adds Julie. ‘Leadership plays a great role in this. And that’s why everyone completes an extensive Leadership programme at Securex. It contributes to better harmony between people and their work.’

A few team members also signed up for Securex initiatives such as Health Coaching and yoga. ‘We expect a lot from our employees,’ says Julie in summary, ‘but we also support them in recording fit and healthy results. And, of course, in moving further along in their careers.’

Corporate social responsibility

“We are incredibly grateful to Securex”

Marie-Laure Jonet Founder Diversicom

A warm heart for sustainability

When you talk about Securex, you talk about sustainability. Whether you’re looking at core activities or social projects, we always focus on sustainable work, sustainable employability and sustainable leadership. Open collaboration is essential. It’s how we ran a special project in 2016 with DiversiCom—the non-profit organisation that helps people with disabilities find work. Securex also signed the Decent Work for All charter.

Sustainability includes a commitment to the future. Securex has set sail to reach all the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Two of these goals for 2030 seamlessly match our CSR policy: Decent Work and Economic Growth and Good Health and Well-being. And needless to say, we aren’t waiting for the deadline to take action. In 2016, we committed our efforts to several projects and partnerships. One by one, we met initiatives in which people are central.

Securex would like to strengthen its current partnerships in 2017. We are striving for major impact on the projects that we are involved in, or that we support. We will also encourage our own employees to think more about our Corporate Social Responsibility. After all, our values are built on our CSR vision. We dream aloud of an organisation that successfully implements sustainable business practices and proactively makes its contribution to society.

Charter for inclusive labour market

Securex signs the Decent Work for All charter

Integrating vulnerable people into our labour market: that’s one spearhead of our CSR strategy. It’s why Securex—as one of 50 partnering organisations—signed the Decent Work for All charter in December 2016.

Every organisation is using its expertise to create sustainable work opportunities. The idea is to donate something other than financial support. For example, organisations offer things like apprenticeship placements or free guidance and coaching. They combine their knowledge and services to create innovative trajectories. In doing so, they open the door to sustainable work for people with disabilities or little schooling, and for refugees.

Decent Work for All also stimulates employers to follow an inclusive recruitment policy. The diversity in society is then reflected in the workplace.

Decent Work for All is the Belgian translation of Decent Work and Economic Growth, one of the worldwide development goals of the United Nations for 2030. The Shift, a Belgian sustainability network, is one of the initiative takers. In 2016, Securex contributed to the sustainable network through projects like microStart, Teach for Belgium and Discover your talent.

Building on the quality of work and life

Securex strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility

Decent Work for All and other projects have something in common: they bring our CSR policy to life with a positive impact on those people who are most in need.

We join them in building a just and sustainable society. A community in which everyone’s quality of life improves. Our focus? It lies on the (re-)integration of people into economic, social and cultural life. It asks for harmony; a balanced exchange between people, planet and profit. This is why our CSR strategy is built upon seven pillars:

In 2005, we brought the Securex Foundation to life to respond to these sustainability challenges. Its core tasks are:

  • actively contributing to projects on labour integration;
  • supporting colleagues who voluntarily commit to community initiatives;
  • extending a helping hand to young talent.

From microcredit to macro-impact

CSR projects for 2016 in the spotlight

microStart Teach for Belgium Discover your talent microGift DiversiCom
An organisation that offers microcredits to starters with limited resources.
Securex offers financial support, training and HR expertise among others.
Discover microStart
A union that recruits and trains inspiring broadminded teachers. Why? To overcome the inequality in education.
Securex supports the initiative financially and also provides rooms, offices and training spaces for their use.
Discover Teach for Belgium
Initiative that advises people aged 18–30 from impoverished areas on finding jobs.
Volunteers from Securex coach the people searching for work to help overcome any obstacles in their way.
Discover your talent
A Securex pilot project where employees donate the euro cents from their wages to charity. A microGift with macro-impact.
In 2016, the money raised went to NCOS 11.11.11
Discover microGift
Securex jumped straight into a collaboration with DiversiCom and coaching company Step2Plus. Ten people searching for work and who have disabilities are given job coaching at our offices in Brussels.
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Even more contributions

We also contributed to the following CSR projects and partnerships in 2016:

A straight line to sustainable collaboration

DiversiCom on the essential support provided by Securex

Advocating for sustainable work and inclusion on the labour market: it’s something DiversiCom and Securex have in common. The non-profit organisation DiversiCom wants to close the divide between people with disabilities and the business world. For this, they rely on support from Securex. Exactly how does the social service provider facilitate DiversiCom? And how does Securex incorporate its social responsibility into the practice?

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A straight line to sustainable collaboration

DiversiCom on the essential support provided by Securex

‘We are incredibly grateful to Securex.’

DiversiCom saw the light in 2014. It came from the initiative of a group of friends that included Marie-Laure Jonet. At that time, she had a wonderful career as a communications manager at the European Commission behind her. And, as a fiery advocate of diversity in the workplace, she decided to bring together two aspects that lie close to her heart: the business world and opportunities for people with disabilities. It was the start of an ambitious project …

Sustainable bond between candidate and company

Exactly what does DiversiCom do? Marie-Laure explains: ‘DiversiCom would like to ensure that people with disabilities can work in normal, professional environments. As such, we coach and guide candidates and advise companies at the same time. By doing so, we help remove the stigma from disability and make individual members aware of the value of diversity. Our main goal? Forging sustainable bonds between company and candidate.’

On course for Hive5

Securex has set sail on its mission to stimulate sustainable work, sustainable employability and sustainable leadership. No wonder the organisation empathises with DiversiCom. ‘Securex wants to offer answers to the challenges around work and professional employability. And solve the issues that get in the way of turning words into action. When we were looking for a place to organise a group coaching session, Ingrid Van Mackelenbergh, Director CSR at Securex, offered us exactly what we needed. A few months later, we were the happy first “residents” of Hive5. We still call on the daily support offered by Securex.’

Wonderful meeting place

How does Hive5 contribute to the development of DiversiCom? ‘Hive5 is a real boost for us. The space adds a certain credibility to our project and allows us to welcome candidates and companies in a pleasant environment. It also stimulates a productive group dynamic. We hope our social focus can inspire the other Hive5 businesses.’

The location of Hive5 is another plus; it’s just a stone’s throw from Metro Station Merode, one of the few stops that is accessible for people with limited mobility. ‘A benefit that’s not to be underestimated,’ says DiversiCom.

Eternally grateful

‘We are incredibly grateful to Securex,’ says Marie-Laure in conclusion. ‘Their employees virtually sit next to us and the work environment is excellent. This means a lot for the success of DiversiCom. We feel at home here.’